GTA SA 4K Realistic High Graphics Game | GTA SA Light Android 2018

By | February 8, 2019
GTA SA 4K Realistic High Graphics Game | GTA SA Light Android 2018


Welcome to our new post on GTA SA 4K Realistic High Graphics Android Friends Friends. Still I will give you the best graphics pack for GTA san andreas on Android. All play gta san and res and we all love this game.

But in 2018 graphics in GTA SA is very old and out of fashion. Here I come with the new graphics pack for GTA San android, you will find many new graphics, textures in GTA san android.

So sit tight and read this article GTA SA 4K Realistic High Graphics Android

Some screenshots:



game features:

Ultra realistic graphics
GTA SA Light
GTA SA Android
Awesome gameplay
Cleo Srimat
So many new textures and graphics
So many new cars and bikes
Minimum requirements

2GB storage

Android 4.4 or higher

GPU Malli, Adreno, Parvar, Tegra

How to download it
Before you start the next process, you have to first download the game

So you can download GTA SA Light from the bto link

Download the files required for this game now

Gta v Realistic Graphics Files:

Apk For Bellow Android Version:


how to set up:
First download all the files.
2, Install it on your phone.
3. Delete the data file. (Password – GAMERKING)
4. After the extraction, you will find a folder named com.rockstargames.gtasa
5. Now go to that folder and then go to the textbox folder and rename the files as your GP.
If your GP is Malli then rename it etc.
Otherwise your GPU Adreno, then rename it as dxt
Or your GPU is PowerVR, give it a pvr name

6. After the name change, move the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder to your phone’s Android / data folder.
7. Now install gtasalite.apk
8.Don’t play the game anymore.
Hope you enjoy playing the game

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